Chisinau…my first blog!

Hmm…I suppose I shall start my first blog.  This concept seems a little weird to me, but I will try to stick with it.

Things have been going ok so far.  Though being abroad is strange, things quickly become routine in a way.  I have my grocery store…my work, my places I walk to, the books I read.  Really, I am doing very similar things that I did in the States every day.  Heck, I even have similar feelings about Chisinau as I did in my last project in Detroit.

But then there are the little things that remind you that you somehow landed on the edge of Europe.  One of those things is my new friend/enemy I call ‘Harold’.  I wake up every morning to this new friend and hate him so much.  As I go along my day, though, the hilarity that is ‘Harold’ builds to the point that I am actually excited to have the little SOB wake me up in the morning.  You see, Harold, is a rooster that can “Cock a doodle doo” probably better than 99% of roosters on Earth.   Harold is also an eager ‘go getter’ type who starts to croon even before the first hints of daylight.  He will wake me up at 4:15, and it really is hard to go back to bed.  Oh yes, I am mad at him in the morning, but then the afternoon kicks in and I start to laugh about it.  Really, how does a rooster in a ‘capital city’ of Europe wake me up each day?  Welcome to Chisinau, Kevin!

Things like Harold make the day entertaining and will be one of my vivid memories when I look back on the randomness of living in Moldova for a month.  I have attached a small video of Harold.  At the end, you will hear me, clearly getting panicky, about the “stray dogs” coming to bark at me.  There are things I miss about America, and somewhere in that Top 5 after peanut butter is: Animal Control.  The strays are fine, but just don’t infringe on their territory, or try to take footage of Harold without getting a Kiva Media waiver signed.


One Response to “Chisinau…my first blog!”

  1. Eline Says:

    I believe with the video this is now a “vlog”

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