The Never Ending Story Part III

Well, I have certainly blown by my goal of an update every 10 days or so.  It has been a busy few weeks, and not necessarily related to my job.  I wrapped up in Moldova and took some time to travel to a few cities.  Now, please cue the Indiana Jones music while I highlight my journey in blue! (Wish I could do red like Indy)

Basically, I left Moldova, went to Romania, and then to THE UKRAINE (UKRAINE must always be capitalized I feel and have the word THE)

Well, thanks to google maps for setting up where I was…but what did I see!?!? (You can click on the pics to get them larger 🙂 )

Moldova: Saying goodbye to a place is always sad…even more so when you have to leave the adopted hostel dog Chapeeta who I cooked for frequently 😦

Brasov, Romania: But Chapeeta can not compete with the beauty of Transylvania.  This was a wonderful former German town in the middle of Romania near Bran’s Dracula castle.  Very touristy, but did some awesome hiking in a quite treacherous gorge.  I also did not see any vampires if Adam asks.  (Or maybe Uncle Kevin did if Adam has been acting up at all????)

Suceava, Romania: This was one of the most boring places I have ever seen.  I needed to come here and spend the night to cross over the border to Ukraine.  I hitched a ride across the border with a Romanian family in the morning.  They spoke no English, I spoke no Ukrainian or Romanian.  Kinda brutal 2 hours.  And of all places, I found this car below with Michigan plates.  I really thought my former client from Detroit was tracking me down in the middle of nowhere Romania!

Chernovtsy, Ukraine: Nice little town in Ukraine.  I spent the day here after getting dropped off by the family.  Had some difficult first experiences trying to get around as I can’t read the Cyrillic alphabet.  So I drew out what I was looking for 🙂

Seriously...I drew this out. I found a Ukrainian guy who said in English..."Say it in Spanish". Then I said "El Tren"...Still took him awhile...And why Spanish, Mr. Ukraine?!?!

Lviv, Ukraine: Cool town.  Interesting history as it has passed hands so many times between all these countries.  As it is charming, I will consider it Polish though even if they were all kicked out after WWII.  I will also consider it Polish because they have a Gloria Jeans here!  I can’t tell you how many times I went there with Mom as a kid.

Kiev, Ukraine: And finally! Chicken Kiev.  I wasn’t a big fan of Kiev.  It definitely has some beautiful churches as seen below, and some good nightlife.  The churches are at least worth a visit here, but I just spent a couple days here.  It’s just a little too ‘Soviet’ feeling for me walking around.

As I said, beautiful churches…

…Of whatever religion you may be…

Well, this was just a high level overview of things seen and done.  I will post pics on Facebook one of these days.  It was a good little trip, and I am now waiting in the Kiev airport to get over to Tbilisi.  This airport is fairly awful and strangely reminds me of the Akron, Ohio airport…that is never a good comparison for an international airport.  And I don’t have ‘status’ on Ukrainian Air.  Till next time, and I promise these will get more entertaining!


2 Responses to “The Never Ending Story Part III”

  1. Chris Says:

    If you are going to name your post “The Never Ending Story,” you better have a picture of Falcor the Luckdragon.

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