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October 19, 2010

Oh…Sweet Georgia.

I have been living here for about 3 weeks already!  And I haven’t even blogged about the country!?!?  Well, time to stop slacking and talk about this place.

I must start by saying I found the better Georgia in the world.  This wasn’t very hard, given how bad the State of Georgia is.  Or perhaps it was just visiting my brother down there and hanging out in the Wal-Mart in Pooler, Georgia that has left bad memories of that Georgia.  Anyways, this Georgia, the country…well, I really like it so far.  It is completely unexpected in a lot of ways.  It feels really European in Tbilisi.  It is a comfortable place to live abroad in and has some beautiful landscapes surrounding it.  Mountains, Desert, The Black Sea on the West Coast, Wine country…what’s not to like in Georgia?

I plan to be doing a few articles on Kiva’s website talking about the country in greater detail, so I won’t do an educational lesson on it quite yet.  But I can share some cool photos of some things I have done the last few weeks…

Like exploring around Tbilisi.  This is one of my favorite churches here as it has a good location.

The Old Town of Tbilisi is small, but quite pretty.  The President has made ‘tourism’ one of his top priorities for Georgia.  Everything is being remodeled here to get ready for the onslaught of tourists who will be coming more and more to this country after word spreads about it.

I have also done a lot of walking…to some interesting places.  Just 1239 more kilometers at this point.  I am just glad they have the English under the Kartuli language.  You take a wrong turn and I may miss Tehran for a place like Baku in Azerbaijan.   Then I would really be in trouble.

And I have learned where Russia is…literally, just over that hill. (Of the photos I had, this was the only one with my index finger pointing, even if I look like a gigantic dork.  The other fingers aren’t appropriate I shall say…)

There have been some long mountain hikes too…I didn’t bring a winter jacket here.  I layered up, but I still got a bit of a fever/cold the last few days trying to recover from this hike.  This picture also needs to be big just to show how awesome this place was.  Click on it!

But I have always made it to where I was going.  This was a long hike up here, but it was really worth it.   This church is about 6 miles from the Russian border.  It was strange going up to the Russian border.  On the map, across the border are South Ossetia and Chechnya.  Places you always here of in the news, but to be that close to them feels weird.

And I have been lucky to get rich along the way by finally…FINALLY finding the end of the rainbow.  The leprechaun was actually completely surprised to find me there as he thought nobody would be on those hills.  I think he was a bit inebriated too from just having watched Notre Dame Football play, so taking his pot of gold was much easier than expected.

And I found one more country I can dominate in….I would have destroyed this kid in pop a shot!

Soccer is also big here…but not as big as pork!  I went to this festival this past weekend and watched this game.  It took me a few moments to actually look down and see what I was standing over.  Apparently, he was the prize for the victors!

I have also met some old friends here…I think he missed me in Moldova.

Ah…well, I will leave with one more photo.  Me in Tbilisi the first day I got here….really happy to get in!  There are a couple things to take from the photo. I need to get back on the EY diet of eating out every night instead of kebab,,,and it was so warm here.  Like 80 degrees that first day, when it was really cold coming from Kiev.

Well, the one comment I always get back on the blog are more photos, so I hope you all enjoyed some of the places I have seen 🙂